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Advantages to the Donor

  • Enjoy a very cost-effective method of supporting your community.
  • Take a tax deduction this year while spreading your gifting over time.
  • Take a fair-market value tax deduction on selected appreciated assets.*
  • Receive professional investment management and tax-free growth of charitable dollars.  Make donations to FAW when timely, then make final gifting decisions when ready.
  • Enjoy insulation from solicitations -- complete anonymity, if desired.
  • Receive a reduction of administrative costs, details and tax returns that are necessary with a private foundation.
  • Leave a legacy of giving to your heirs.
  • Start a fund for a specific purpose -- a memorial fund or school scholarship fund, for instance, to which other people may donate and receive tax deductions.
  • Receive expert counsel in choosing the cause you wish to help and how to be most effective in helping.

* We suggest that all donors first consult with their own tax advisors to understand the impact on their personal taxes.