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Statement of Philosophy

True charity involves much more than just the gifting of material resources. Without a set of guiding principles, many well-meaning charitable efforts fail to have positive impact, or even worse, are hurtful to the recipients.

From its unrestricted funds, FAW’s grant making will be guided by the following principles:

  • Man is spiritual. Society’s needs are best served when a person’s spiritual needs are addressed  rather than just the material circumstances.  The development of faith, hope, love, character and self-discipline far surpass the material possessions in bringing lasting happiness.
  • Wealth is a stewardship. Man is accountable to his Maker for his stewardship over earthly possessions. Effective gifting requires work and accountability.  Indiscriminate gifting of funds can be a greater evil than no gifting at all.
  • Individuals are first responsible for themselves. When necessary, they may next seek assistance from immediate and extended families and, lastly, from  free-will associations and organizations such as neighbors, churches and aid societies.
  • Government is not charitable. Charity requires free and willing givers and receivers. The Foundation will favor institutions which are not normally financed by public funds thus encouraging private initiative and true charity.

    The Foundation for the American West is a public charity. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible under current law.